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Briefly about the artist

Savely Mitelman was born on January 3, 1940 in the city of Lyubertsy. He graduated from the faculty of Applied arts of the Moscow Textile Institute in 1966. Bright originality of his creative work appeared in the beginning of the seventies. In 1974 he participated in the exhibitions of nonconformists in Izmailovo park and Belyaevo (destroyed by bulldozers). In 1979 he entered the Joint Committee of graphic artists (it was subsequently transformed to the International Federation of artists of UNESCO) and since then he had participated in the art life of this organization regularly. He was close to the Moscow underground art though did not belong to any group of it. The first show of his works (slide-film) took place in 1985 in the House of Arts of VTO (Society of actors) in Shelykovo. His first personal exhibition (1986) in Malaya Gruzinskaya street, 28 was very successful. Within next years the number of his personal exhibitions exceeded thirty. He participated in the international salons in Moscow and Barcelona and also took part at the painting auctions in Gdansk, London, and New York. He made a trip to the Netherlands after the invitation of an art firm. He did not adhere to any aesthetic program though all his paintings have certain concepts. He liked improvisations. The style problem had never been principal in his work. Some of his largest shows are:

-exhibitions of the International federation in "Manezh" (arena);

-the exhibition of the Associations "Ecology" and "Memories of victims of Stalinism" in CDH (Central house of artists, Crymsky Val street);

-II International festival - the exhibition "Eros";

-"The golden brush" - 1997, 1998, 1999 "Arena";

-CDH (Central house of artists).

Personal exhibitions:

1990, January - in Kuntsevo showroom,

1990 - exhibition in Gdansk, "Decline of idea",

1992 - gallery "Inter-Mars ",

1994 September-October - the Union-gallery,

1995 March-April - gallery Ostozhenka,

1995 August - CDH (Central house of artists),

1998 July-August - CDH

2000 January - gallery Ramenki,

2000 March - Taganka, showroom,

2001 September - CDH

2001 - exhibition in Barcelona.

1996 - 2000 - 5 exhibitions in gallery “Creativity Union”


His works are kept in galleries and private collections of about 30 countries including the State Central museum of modern history of Russia (6 works), museum of Mayakosky (Moscow), museum “Aleksanrovskaya sloboda” of Aleksandrov city, collection of gallery “Creativity Union” (43 works).