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Briefly about the Artist

Valery Petrovich VALIUS was born in 1939 in Moscow and lived in Moscow until 1977. Up to 1972 he was a geophysicist. From 1972 on he worked at different jobs in different professions.

From 1977 up to 1991, he lived in Germany as an emigrant. He returned to Russia in 1991.

He has been painting since 1986. He was a member of the Union of Artists of Bavaria, and now is a member of the International Fund of Artists in Moscow. He paint, make photo, computer graphics and videos.

   It is possible to represent this biography, for example, with pictures of  V.Valius himself, as it is shown below.

    Self-expression is not the purpose of these paintings at all. Pictures, as a rule, are painted not about the author, but about other people and for other people - for spectators. But because process of a painting assumes some knowledge of a material willy-nilly personal experience of the author has found  place there. And, having turned over various works, it was simple to choose some of them with a confessional shade. 

    To see the episode which has interested you in larger format, and also the name of a picture, click on a miniature the left button of a mousy.


Pictures of V.Valius are in galleries and private collections of Russia, Germany, USA, Canada, Israel, England, Niederland, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, South Korea, Iran and also in a museum in Bogoroditsk (the Tula region) and the Museum of Man in Moscow.