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Exhibits in Germany from 1986 to 1990:

1987, 1988

Two in the Emigrants Club: one with paintings of his father, Pjotr Adamovich Valius, the other a group exhibit (Munich).


The Independent University named for A. D. Sakharov (one-man show, photographs)


Traveling exhibit on a bicycle (photographs, one-man show, Munich)


Cafe McDonalds (two artists, Munich)


The Society for Religious Renewal (with paintings of his father, Munich)


Cafe " Free Space" (one-man show, Munich)


The Max Planck Institute (Tubingen, one-man show)

  1990   Youth club "Forum 3", one-man show., Stuttgart.

1986 - 90

Five group Christmas exhibits of Union of Artists of Bavaria


Exhibitions in Russia and other countries since 1990:


in Kazan: one in "the Actor's House" (one-man show) and one in the Exhibit Hall (with paintings of his father)


 in St. Petersburg in the Diaghilev Center (with paintings of his father)


From here on in Moscow (if other place not indicated):


Editorial offices of the newspaper "Arguments and Facts" (one-man show)


The Cinema House (with paintings of his father)


The Central Artists House (with paintings of his father)


Editorial offices of the newspaper "Chemistry and Life" (one-man show)

1994, 2001

Paintings for the sets of productions in the Vladimir Malyshitsky Theatre in St. Petersburg


Readings of plays in the Actor's House together with displays of V. Valius' paintings


Taganka Theatre (one-man show)


Varshavka Gallery (one-man show)


Group exhibits during these years: Moscow State University, 6 exhibits at 28 Malaya Gruszinskaya

1997, 2001

Union of Creativity Gallery (one-man show)

1997, 1998

Peredelkino, Museum-House of Kornei Chukovsky (one one-man, one group)


Cultural Center "Red Gates" (two one-man shows)


Luzhniki - one-day one-man show on the street on Moskovsky Komsomolets (translator's note: a Moscow newspaper) Day


Zelenograd - the Exhibit Hall (one-man show)


Center for Contemporary Art named for A. Zverev (with paintings of his father)


Luzhniki - one-day during poetry readings by poets on Moskovsky Komsomolets Day (one-man show)


Vernisazh Theatre (one-man show)


Museum-Palace in Bogorodnitsk in the Tula Region (one-man show)


Garden of the Center for Contemporary Art named for A. Zverev (one-day, one-man show)

2001, 2002

Library in the Garden named for Bauman (two one-man shows)


Editorial offices of the magazine "Nasha Ulitsa" (group show)


Jewish Cultural Center (with paintings of his father)


Library 126 in Vykhino (one-man show, Moscow)


Exhibit Hall "Na Kashirke" (with paintings of his father)


The Chekhov Library  


Exhibit Hall in Zelenograd (a second one-man show, then a group exhibit)


The Chekhov Library (one-man show, graphic)


Jewish Center "Esra" (one-man show, Moscow)


The Nekrasov Library (group show "4 Times of Year")


In a cellar of village Rahmanovo of area Pavlovo-Posad of the Moscow area

  2008   "A museum of Man", one-man show, Moscow., painting,

 "Salon of all muses" Annas Korotkova in Theatre "Art House", one-man show, Moscow, painting

  2008   Library №209, Moscow, one-man show,
ainting, computer
graphic, photo

One-day one-man show in Irina Rakina's musical Salon "Stool" in the Central house of writers. Moscow.

   2009, 2013, 2014

Peredelkino, Museum-House of Kornei Chukovsky (one-man show)

Uba, Brazil (group show) computer graphic


"Salon of all muses" Annas Korotkova, one-man show


Exhibit Hall "Na Kashirke" (with paintings of his father)


"Salon of all muses" Annas Korotkova, one-man show, computer graphic


2 group exhibitions in South Korea. Computer graphics.


2 group exhibitions in Iran. Computer graphics.


group exhibition in Netherlands.


group exhibition in Macedonia

  2017   In Portugal, the Sagres Fortress. 17 artists from
  17 different countries. Computer graphics.
  2018  "Dresden"  gallery. "A woman's image.    Emancipation."
group exhibition in Moscow
  2018   Library 57, Altufevo, Moscow, personal, computer graphics.


2 group exhibitions of the International Art Fund  dedicated to the Year of the Theater in Russia


Group exhibition of the International Art Fund "Poetry of the sea"


Exhibition of the International Art Fund "The semantic expressionism of Pjotr and Valery Valius", Moscow.


Group exhibition "Nonconformism - Russian Art (1977-2014) from the Breitscheidel collection", Fürstenfeldbruck State Museum, Bavaria, Germany.


Two group exhibitions of the International Art Fund in Moscow


"Vanguard yesterday, today and tomorrow", Moscow, group.


A note on the organization of exhibitions in Moscow recently

Again it became difficult to show the work to the audience. I became less strong, my desires subsided, the Internet created an outlet - there I exhibit without problems. Exhibitions were more difficult to organize. If at all possible. I did not thoroughly study this question in view of the already mentioned shortage of power and the outlet of the Internet. Places where you can put pictures somehow strongly ordered, united in a hierarchy. The exhibition halls were united all over Moscow, Cultural centers by districts, libraries also subordinated. Several years ago it was possible to come to the director and within 15 minutes to negotiate an exhibition or get a refusal. In case of refusal, there was much more to go on. Now the application is reviewed once a year, and if the exhibition is denied, then there is nowhere to go. Directors were renamed into the managers and they began to live with an eye to the top. Although they are not like children, they understand things in their business. In short, places where a person beautify a place, rather than a  place beautify a person, are much cleaned up. In art there is the breath of life. But the official did a career, the art is the opposite. Even if he was taught, who was Malevich, who Leonardo da Vinci.

Of course, the artists are different too. But if each picture is for him some kind of discovery, or even a few, then the exhibition let fifty pictures have no chances. That none of the fifty ideas are not humbled by the authorities, who in turn have bosses, this is unlikely. Prohibit some work is also not with the hand. Censorship is as though canceled. So it's easier to dictate which exhibitions to organize rather than listen. But you can show attention. This is called crowdsourcing. A new word in Russian, taken from English, means the search for ideas from people. As if no one had ever tried to reach the authorities in his life.

I also want to say a few words about the terminology. In the circle of art critics, it is specific. About color, shape, texture and so on, i.e. how pictures are done, they can talk for a long time. It is more difficult to talk about what has been done. The word is not a sparrow, it will fly out - you will not catch it. They should not be wrong. Since I am engaged in semantic painting, I noticed that art critics dislike work with meaning. They use the word "literary" with contempt and do not condescend to a discussion. When they really can not brush it off, they use the word "concept". It is simply not in my power to explain what conceptual art means, it's easier to go, for example, to the Tretyakov Gallery on the Crimean shaft, there are such halls. And gasp from the impossibility to understand something. In everyday life the word "conception" means the main idea, essence, point of view. As for the paintings, I would define it as the ability to impress, look unusual, dumbfound, confuse. Well, for example, in some village in India, our conceptualists taught elephants to write flowers. The country people were happy - there were a lot of tourists.

It seems that semantic art does not exist at all. If someone talks about it, it's clear that he is not a professional. Sometimes I sent work abroad to exhibitions.. The accompanying questionnaire asked to specify a style. Semantic art is translated by the same concept. Maybe this word means something different there?

And with ordinary viewers, sometimes quite meaningful conversations happen. Glasnost, after all, exists. Why twitch?


Photos of exhibitions

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Photos from the exhibition in Fürstenfeldbruck.