Briefly about the artist






Pjotr Adamovitch Valius

(1912 - 1971)


He was born, lived and has died in Moscow. In 35 years he has thrown engineering and has devoted itself to painting. However it was necessary to think of a daily bread. And he illustrated books. He was member of the Union of artists of USSR and participated almost in all exhibitions of the books. As the painter he straightened in full growth when he was 50 years old and his works appeared to be beyond the framework of a socialist realism, somewhere in spheres which can be described as: expressionism, emotional influence of color, confess, creative opposition to ideological specifications.


Now his works are in family of the artist, and also in collections of the Tretiakovsaya gallery, the Kazan museum and private collections in Russia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Sweden, Italy, France, Japan, England, Israel, Norway.