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17 January,  1980

Exhibition in memory of Pjotr Valius in  Herrenberg. 

The strong personality of the artist - Since tomorrow 11 o'clock

Herrenberg (region). Public university in Herrenberg begins in a new semester a number of presentations of works of art with exclusive somewhat exhibition.  Exhibition in memory of Pjotr Valius opens next Sunday in 11 in gallery Herrenberg on the market square on the occasion of 10 anniversaries from the date  of death. There will be exposed approximately 50 pictures by oil and some graphic works of the Russian artist which heritage his son Dr. Valery Valius disposes,  who lives now in Stuttgart after emigration from Soviet Union.

Peter Adamovich Valius proves on the works exposed in Herrenberg as the artist who with surprising sequence has devoted the creativity to abstract figurative images and compositions of color. Thus the relation of his images with a reality become much more clear if to remember, that he  masterful knew technics of concrete painting. This property is emphasized with his graphic works which contours clearly remind figures Matisse.

 The vigorous person of the artist is shown in many works of Valius, and remoteness from development westeuropean painting makes impression of search and experiment in some of his works. On the other hand, attract reliability in a choice of color and a composition and artly ethic radiation which is peculiar to his all works which find out also a strong religious component.

It is possible to consider the biography of the artist who has born in 1912, in that, as concern to her creative side quite typical for a life of the artist in Soviet Union. Valius was strongly pressed, the recognition of his works in the native land was rather constrained, and has occured at an exhibition of modern Soviet art in Paris where his works have received exclusively positive estimations.

The son  Valery Valjus struggles from the entrance to Federal republic for exhibitions of works of his father, he has published also article „Pictures of the father" which will be accessible on an opening day, reprinted by the small edition.

 This exclusive exhibition will take for certain an especial place among exhibitions of Public university in Herrenberg, becomes a meeting with the art form that till now  not enough or not at all presented in the exhibition program of  Public university, also will cause especial interest.

It opens on Sunday 18 January,  it is traditional in 11  o'clock.  Valery Valius will be at opening. Dr. Bathelt from Public university will tell the short parenthesis .