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The official newspaper of the city  Leonberg, 19.6.82

Angelika Zuehmendorf

Exhibition on open air in Leonberg.

On Sunday 20th June  1982 works of Moscow artist Pjotr A.Valius (1912 - 1971) will be exposed on open air in park in Leonberg, near to areas for games.

The son of the artist who lives some years here in emigration, has organized this display of paintings which suit to ideologies of the USSR as a little as to rationally focused culture of a society of consumers in the West. Within the first months in „the Free West" it became clear, that or public is poorly prepared for direct perception of such works, or the perception of painting mixed up with commercial interests.

The first reaction of the spectator is a shock, the instant recognition or the woken interest met less often. So it is not necessary to bargain for a recognition, and simply they should be shown..

After several street exhibitions of these works in the European large cities and in halls of Schwaebia  it is possible to see now - pictures about a life and death - (oil, distemper and drawings) on a background of the well-groomed nature.