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Probably, for the catalogue there are enough the texts brought above. But, about Pjotr Valius it is written very much. And some of articles are brought in this additional section



Robert Daglish "In an artist's studio"


V.Nikolaeva "The passionate world" (Translated from Russian)


Nikolay Beljaev "For admirers of painting" (Translated from Russian)


Hans-Dieter Schuh "The Realist of the world of feelings" (translated from German)

Exhibition in memory of Pjotr Valius in  Herrenberg (translated from German)


Angelika Zuehmendorf "The Exhibition on open air in Leonberg" (translated from German)

Peter Wolff  "Pictures of the Russian artist. For the father on street"
(translated from German)


Guenther Petzold "The Russian immigrant goes on street. Advertising of pictures of the father" (translation from German)

The Liberal center "Pictures in emigration"
(translation from German)

THEATRE BRETT "Piotr Valius (1912-1971): oil, distemper, drawings"
(translation from German)

Brigitte Marschall "Exhibition of Pjotr Valius" (translation from German)


Lia Linder "Marginal notes - features of the modern art from Soviet Union" (translation from German)


Interview with Valery Valius about a situation with pictures of the father (translated from Russian)

Sorry, but translations of following articles are  not ready.
Vera Sobko "The artist in the most essence" (translated from Russian)
N. Saltina "Alarm and a pain of the artist"
(translated from Russian)
V.Volodin "Russian Matisse"
(translated from Russian)
L.Geller "The true judge - time"
(translated from Russian)
G. Krylov "They put a tiara on you"
(translated from Russian)
Inna Levit "The happy person"
(translated from Russian)
V.Chernysheva "To hearts persistently appealing"
(translated from Russian)
V.Chernysheva "Two worlds, one pain"
(translated from Russian)

Vera Sobko "In a cruel century I glorified freedom"(translated from Russian)